Cardano Foundation’s activities part 6

The Cardano Foundation has a mandate to promote the adoption of decentralized technologies among businesses, institutions, and various organizations worldwide. Embracing blockchain, and specifically Cardano, means prioritizing transparency, security, and inclusivity while also empowering individuals and organizations to refine the financial, governance, and social systems of today.


Adoption of new technologies often fosters innovation. The Foundation’s technical collaboration with Epoch Sports and Merchadise developed new standards for verifying and reinforcing a product’s authenticity. Similarly, the Foundation and Switzerland for UNHCR collaboration has already spanned a variety of initiatives with direct impact on-chain as well as on the support given to forcibly displaced people.


A humanitarian approach to Cardano adoption

Switzerland for UNHCR’s With Refugees Stake Pool (WRFGS) stake pool tests new models for philanthropy, providing donors with a reliable, auditable way of generating the possibility of continuous resources for humanitarian aid. Supported by Taurus, the [WRFGS] pool enables a large community of both tech-minded and traditional donors to help make a difference. As part of Cardano’s second Global Impact Challenge, the charity stake pool launched with a stake delegation by the Cardano Foundation of 3.5 million ada, the native token of the Cardano blockchain.


Source: Cardano Foundation


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