About us

About us

We are here to promote blockchain adoption, Innovation and Economic growth

The Catalyst Africa Townhall has been operating for some years now, with established roots in six African countries. Our overarching vision is to promote blockchain and foster its adoption in remote areas of Africa, while actively engaging with policymakers. In pursuit of this vision, we’ll be organizing local events and hosting bi-weekly townhalls. Join us in shaping the future of blockchain across the continent!

  • Economic Empowerment.
  • Financial Inclusion.
  • Tech & Innovation.
  • Transparency & Government.

Started Journey

One of the 4 Townhalls planted by The SWARM TrustNet

Project Catalyst

At some point in our journey, our efforts were acknowledged and secured funding through Project Catalyst

Expanded beyond virtual

In addition to virtual gatherings, we expanded our reach to include in-person meet-ups across five African nations.

Forging Partnerships

A year dedicated to collaboration, networking, and forging partnerships.
Innovations in Africa

How Blockchain is Positively
Transforming Lives in Africa

In some African countries, blockchain is being utilized for initiatives such as tracking the provenance of agricultural products, securing land registries, and enhancing supply chain transparency.

Also, some Initiatives are exploring blockchain-based solutions for improving healthcare data management, enhancing voting systems, and even wildlife conservation efforts.

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Funded Projects

Team members

Get To Know Us

Bringing blockchain education
to Africa with passion

Together, we are CATH, a collective of passionate individuals committed to advocate blockchain adoption in Africa. Learn more about each team member below and discover the faces behind our journey.
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