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We are here to foster innovation, collaboration, and economic growth

Catalyst Africa Townhall is a vibrant community initiative fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the blockchain sphere across the African continent.

Through engaging townhall sessions, we explore blockchain advancements, discuss innovative proposals, and work towards the collective goal of expanding the adoption of transformative technologies in Africa. Join us in shaping the future of blockchain on the African landscape!

  • Economic Empowerment.
  • Financial Inclusion.
  • Tech Innovation.
  • Transparent Governance.
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How Blockchain is Positively Transforming
Lives in Africa

In some African countries, blockchain is being utilized for initiatives such as tracking the provenance of agricultural products, securing land registries, and enhancing supply chain transparency.

Also, some Initiatives are exploring blockchain-based solutions for improving healthcare data management, enhancing voting systems, and even wildlife conservation efforts.



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Together, we are CATH, a collective of passionate individuals committed to advocate blockchain adoption in Africa. Learn more about each team member below and discover the faces behind our journey.

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