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Fund 11 Funded Project

Cardano Summit 2025.
Welcome to Africa

We are happy to share with you the outcome of the recent Fund11 Cardano Catalyst community vote regarding our Catalyst Africa Townhall proposal, “Cardano Summit 2025; Welcome to Africa.”

The community has shown overwhelming support for this initiative, underscoring a collective desire to see Africa host the 2025 Cardano Summit. Our project is designed to spotlight Africa’s growing tech landscape, enhance accessibility, and underscore Cardano’s dedication to fostering global inclusivity and technological progress.

Over the next six months, we will embark on a comprehensive project to solidify Africa’s status as the ideal venue for the 2025 Summit. This will include detailed stakeholder consultations, feasibility analyses, and venue selection processes, all aimed at showcasing the continent’s capacity to host such a distinguished event.

Our strategy is to engage with both local and international stakeholders actively, ensuring diverse participation and using this summit as a platform to reinforce Cardano‚Äôs commitment to Africa’s potential as an emerging Web3 landscape.

We firmly believe that by the end of this project, not only will we have convincingly demonstrated Africa’s readiness and suitability to host the 2025 Summit, but we will also have assembled a dedicated team poised to assist in the summit’s execution, should Africa be selected.

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